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golf mark 2 a reg wont start

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26 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 19/7/2010, 1:15 pm


ah cool cool, well i have no spark in my spark plug, but however i tested it in my mums fiat cinq and it sparked, and i tested a lead and i got a shock lol had to hold both ends cuz of different fitting but still seen the plug spark so its the disbrutor and i dunno where to start looking, i think the point had a lil white spark so condenser and point shud be fine

27 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 19/7/2010, 8:20 pm

dicky mint

rotor arm or distributor cap maybe then??

28 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 19/7/2010, 8:28 pm


i dunno the rotor arm spins slowly like maybe 1 full spin per 2 - 4 secs? the contacts in the cap look a bit 'sparked' up as if the sparks have been brushing on it like lil blue/white debrie sorta thing

also the point looks a bit white between the contacts

29 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 19/7/2010, 9:18 pm


if u flick the ignition on, and get a screwdriver flick the points open and closed and see if they spark

also if u take a plug out, or push a spare plug into one of the ht leads, and put the electrode near an earth point (slam panel for example), then carefully hold it (rubber gloves or pliers advised) see if it sparks while getting someone to turn it over for a few secs

if you have spark at both of these points then that shouldnt be your problem, although checking the points gap would be a good plan to rule it out.

it should be a mechanical driven fuel pump on this model, if so, pull the fuel line off the carb that comes from the pump, careful not to piss fuel everywhere, stick the pipe into an empty bottle n get someone to turn it over for a few secs.

if you are getting fuel then thats sweeeeet.

next question is are the plugs wet? cos if theyre wet then id say it could be something like your timing has come way out therefore not sparking at the right time and not burning the fuel so not firing up.

if the plugs are dry, it could be a problem with the carb.

when u replaced the points and condensor, did u adjust the dizzy at all? is it the type thats bolted via 3x 10mm bolts at the end of the head on the passenger side? also are the leads all on in the correct order?

hopefully that gives u a couple of things to try smile

30 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 19/7/2010, 10:12 pm


read my post up top of page 2 i tested the plugs and leads well 1 lead and 2 plugs, the point sparks white, the plugs are kinda dry, dunno bout the 3 bolts will look 2moro, adjust the dizzy? ill look at the haynes manual tomorrow, i aint got a feelers gauge tho sad it worked when i first fitted the new points tho sad it just randomly died and didnt restart sad how do i know if theyre in the right order? looking at it i go 1,2,3,4 left mid left mid right right?

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31 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 19/7/2010, 10:23 pm


where bouts do u live dude, dont mind coming over an taking a lookski if your not too far. although im still midway through moving house so im not guna b the most reliable at the moment haha

you will need to set the points gap tho, its highly possible they will work without setting them up but they will either prematurely wear out or they will fuse themselves closed.

sounds as though its turning over quite slowly if the rotor arm is only turning one rotation evry 2-4seconds. i dont know, i cant imagine it but id say it would be alot more than that.

32 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 19/7/2010, 11:58 pm


bristol smile shudnt be to far, and yea the turn over does feel/sound slow, last time it took 2 - 3 weeks to get a point delivered to halfords sad

33 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 20/7/2010, 11:37 am


thats cos halfords are shit lol

go here

GSF Car Parts Ltd
Unit 7, City Business Park, Easton Road, Bristol BS5 0SP

Tel: 0117 955 7654

they will most probably have it on the shelf for half the price of halfords stuff!

i cant make that kind of trip at the mo dude, moving house, sorting my garages out n stuff. can keep brain storming though Very Happy

34 Re: golf mark 2 a reg wont start on 20/7/2010, 12:17 pm


yea thats cool adz, the engine is covered in shit down the sides, my battery has gone down low again sad and i havnt barely been in there

also the camshaft?? i think the bar along the top when i turn it with a racthet it kinda goes stiff then losse on the turns,

let me knw if any time does pop up tho dude when you can cum ocver for a quick look, i aint got multivolatage thingy atm so can chec k the igintion unit, looking at the manual it seems to point towards wiring/igintion stuff as it stalled and then wudnt start and some locals said it sounded like the starter motor but still nothing sad and under both parts in haynes manual says igintion unit on stall and fails to turn being ignigtion timing,

just for a quickie what would i need to test ignition timing?

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